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Waitomo-Taupo-River Valley

So following the excitment of the previous day, we then headed down to Taupo for 2 nights.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you too much about Taupo, as the night we arrived (Saturday) we went out, and I got horribly drunk. So the main sights I saw of Taupo was the the Altitude Bar, and then Finn McChouls, and not much else, and even the latter part of that was through very blurry eyes. In my defence for sleeping the whole next day, it was pouring rain all day, so it is not like we could do a lot anyway.

We are now down in this tiny lodge called River Valley, where there is literally nothing lse in this place but our lodge. Tomorrow morning I will be going white water rafting on the highest grade you can commercially raft (grade 5), so sorry mum but my promise to keep it quiet until the south island has fallen short.

Unfortunately still no photos. Apparently the computers at the last place had viruses, so whilst I backed up my memory card to the USB, I may have got a virus on the memory card. Hopefully the only virus I pick up on my trip ;) The PC I am using now is so old it does not have a card or USB port, s HOPEFULLY tomorrow in Wellington I will be able to find a PC that will upload my photos.

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So today I tried 3 different ways to kill myself!

First was zorbing, which was not nearly the adrenaline rush I was expecting, but was awesome fun. I did the "Zydro", which is where they put water in the zorb with you so it is like a waterslide but waaaayyyyy cooler.

From there I went on to the Agrodome, where they have the swoosh. Essentially I was strapped into a hangliding 'sack', and winched up to the bungy platform, then let go to fly like superman! That was also good fun, but proved unsuccessful in killing me also.

Finally today I went on a expedition for a couple of hours through some underground caves. We abseiled down a 35m hole into the cave, then went down a flying fox. From there we jumped into the underground river on rubber tyre tubes, and floated around the river looking at glow worms. It was soooooo cool (literally, as the water was a bout 11 degrees!). After ditching the tubes, we climbed, floated and walked through the river and mini rapids, and finished up climbing up two waterfalls to get back out to the surface.

Was one of the best experiences of my life, although the cuts and rope burn on my hands are not so much fun now, it was totally worth it!!! Again and quite obviously since I am writing this, the caving also did not kill me.

Still having some issues with photos, but will upload as soon as I can. Off to the pub now for a well earned beer.

Tomorrow should be pretty quiet, think I will wait till I hit the south island before I try too many other activities which may kill me.


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Change of plans on the photos - computers here are not cooperating so cannot get them uploaded.

Will post some when I next get the chance.


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Mercury Bay to Rotorua

Starting to get a bit busier now with all the activities we have on offer on the trip.

Headed from Auckland yesterday through to Mercury Bay, stopping off along the way for a hike down to Cathedral Cove beach which was pretty cool through the rainforest. All those hills and stairs earnt me a few bonus beers at the hostel bar that night.

This morning we drove down to Rotorua which is where I am now for the night. Just went and checked out the Geyser which was awesome.

Tonight I am off to a Maori culture night, which I have been hanging out for because included in the night is a hangi (<insert lame joke here> "hanging for the hangi"), so will no doubt be the best food of my trip unless I can convince any of my backpacking mates to splurge on a decent meal somewhere else other than cooking in the hostel for themselves (if I bother to cook I spend more money on the ingredients then I do on a takeaway meal!).

Have uploaded some photos to bring them up to date. Tomorrow morning I will be zorbing, and then have booked to do a cave rafting trip (where you go through caves on rubber tubes, and includes clibing through waterfalls and absailing - will be freezing so sensible me has been packed away for the next 2 weeks).

I think we are in a pretty remote area so will be a day or two for my next update, assuming the zorbing or caving has not killed me.

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Back in Auckland after spending the night up in Paihia. Paihia is a tiny village about 4hrs north of Auckland.

Have discovered that the Kiwi's are highly original in naming places/points of interest. IE - Paihia is the main destination in the Bay of Islands (aka a bay full of islands).

Today I went on a dolphin criuse around the Bay, with one of the highlights the "Hole in the Rock", again one of those places they racked their brains for before naming.

During the cruise we were able to swim with the dolphins if we wanted to. Deciding whether to swim with the dolphins went something like this:

SENSIBLE ME - The water is only 15 degrees - are you mad?
CRAZY ME - But it looks like so much fun
SENSIBLE ME - But you will freeze
CRAZY ME - But it looks like so much fun

And so on.....

Anyway, I was all geared up to go for a swim (Crazy me was winning the argument), and it turned out to be a big anti-climax as we were not allowed to go in because there were a couple of baby dolphins in the pod.

Will upload some more photos shortly (camera needs to recharge first).

Off to Mercury Bay tomorrow, again apparently named becuase Captain Cook tried to track the path of Mercury from there?

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